Aussie growers have high hopes for harvest

Aussie growers have high hopes for  harvest

Nut lovers across the nation are in for a season of exquisite creamy, buttery fare as Aussie growers fire up their harvesters to collect another bounty of Australia’s native nut.

Early indications point towards a promising year for our magnificent macadamias as the industry continues to build its position as the leading producer of the ‘World’s Finest Nut’.

Enthused by promising weather conditions and buoyed by a successful 2014 crop, farmers in subtropical plantations in northern New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia are preparing to collect tonnes of macadamias set to drop from trees between March and September.

Alli Page, a macadamia grower who manages 4500 macadamia trees in Coopers Shoot in the Byron Hinterland said Aussie farmers are once again hard at work to collect the best tasting, premium macadamias in the world.

“The top quality and unique flavour of Australian macadamias is a real credit to the nation’s dedicated growers who are passionate about excellence, innovation and sustainability,” she said.

“Harvest is a delicate process with purpose built harvesters using ‘fingers’ to pick up mature nuts. Once gathered, the nuts go through a four week drying process before they are carefully cracked and packed into special oxygen free packaging. So with a productive season ahead, it’s important we roll up our sleeves now to ensure the harvest process runs as smoothly as possible.”

Macadamias contain a potent bundle of heart protective nutrients including ‘good fats’ (plant omega-3s and mono-unsaturates), plant sterols, dietary fibre and antioxidants like vitamin E and manganese. One handful of macadamia nuts provides one third of the recommended daily vitamin B1 intake, an important vitamin for releasing energy from food, and necessary for normal functioning of the heart and nervous system.

Australia leads the world as the largest producer and exporter with approximately 70% of all macadamias produced exported to more than 40 countries globally. More than $150 million worth of Australian macadamia products is exported each year.