Aussie go-getters kick start the day with new Oats2Go

Aussie go-getters kick start the day with new Oats2Go

Busy, active Australians can enjoy more freedom in the morning and kick start their day in a nutritious way while on the move following the launch of a new delicious liquid breakfast by one of Australia’s most trusted brands, Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing.

New to the UP&GO range, Oats2Go is the only liquid breakfast on the market to contain a source of real wholegrain oats. It also has the protein, energy and fibre of a bowl of oats and skim milk, and is 99 per cent fat free, low GI and high in fibre as well as protein.

Daniel Derrick, General Manager Marketing – Sanitarium Australia, said Oats2Go is an exciting new addition to the UP&GO family and a great option for those mornings when you don’t have time for a sit down breakfast.

“Mornings are mayhem for a lot of households and research indicates our lives are getting even busier, with the average person allocating less than 10 minutes for breakfast on a typical weekday, and a third spending five minutes or less. Add to this the prevalence of breakfast-skipping, and it’s clear that convenient and nutritious new solutions are a must,” he said.

“Sanitarium is committed to the health and wellbeing of all Australians, so we’ve developed Oats2Go with great tasting wholegrain oats to ensure busy Aussies can still get a great start in the morning, and make the most out of every day.”

Michelle Reid, Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist at Sanitarium, said Oats2Go provides 50 per cent of the Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI) for calcium.

“Nearly two thirds of Australians are skipping breakfast with as many as one in five, or more than three million people, skipping breakfast most days of the week . On days when time just gets away, Oats2Go is a brilliant option as it contains 10 essential vitamins and minerals. It’s high in B vitamins to help release the energy needed to kickstart your day, as part of a balanced diet rich in vitamins B1, B2, and B3.”

“Unique in its category, Oats2Go is also a source of wholegrain oats. Wholegrains contain all three components of the grain and Sanitarium is currently the only brand to overcome the challenge of being able to deliver a source of wholegrains in a liquid breakfast,” she said.

Oats 2Go does not contain artificial colours or added preservatives, and is available in three delicious flavours – Banana & Honey, Cocoa, Creamy Vanilla. It can be found in all major retailers and a pack of three has an RRP of $4.99.

To find out more, head to the UP&GO Facebook page and join the conversation online with #Oats2Go.