The numbers prove It: QBO is the people’s choice

The numbers prove It: QBO is the people’s choice

A comparison research study commissioned by Intuit in Australia released today reveals that QuickBooks Online, the number one cloud business and financial management software for small businesses and accountants, with more than 1.5 million users worldwide, performed better than Xero with prospective customers on specific business-critical tasks and overall preferences.

Intuit commissioned Symplicit, a local research agency, to undertake a study on the functionality of Xero and QuickBooks Online Essentials in July 2014 with Australian small business owners and employees who had never used either product before. The results, available here, show that ease of use and the ability to complete tasks quickly and with confidence are key to QuickBooks Online’€™s status as the option that Australian small businesses prefer.

Nicolette Maury, managing director of Intuit Australia, said the study was undertaken to help provide much needed context for businesses and their trusted advisors.

“We’ve always been confident in the ability of QuickBooks Online to help support small business success in Australia. Now we have the numbers to prove it. With confusing claims and out of date reviews in the online accounting product space, we wanted to confirm that QuickBooks Online is what small companies would consider for their own business.

“€œThe results show just that, so we’€™re encouraging all businesses, accountants and bookkeepers to try QuickBooks Online now and experience the difference.”

Key Findings of Australian Small Businesses Surveyed:

– Twice as many preferred QuickBooks Online over Xero.
– They were able to set up an invoice faster on average on QuickBooks Online compared to Xero.
– Twice as many found it extremely easy and were more confident in creating an invoice using QuickBooks Online compared to Xero.
– Nearly twice as many strongly agreed that QuickBooks Online has a modern look and feel and is easier to use compared to Xero.
– Three times as many who tried both QuickBooks Online and Xero had an excellent experience with QuickBooks Online.
– 77 per cent agreed it’s fast to finish tasks in QuickBooks Online compared to 49 per cent for Xero.
– Eight out of 10 who tried both QuickBooks Online and Xero said it is easy to use QuickBooks Online compared to 5 out of 10 for Xero.

Intuit€™’s Nicolette Maury said: “€œThe results reflect the way we develop our products, which is by listening and responding to customer feedback. This ensures we deliver a small business accounting solution that is simple and powerful by design, and is constantly updated to cater to our users’€™ needs.”

Here’€™s what two of the trial participants said:

Richard McNair, office manager at Bellson Electric in Carringbah NSW, has been using a desktop product for around six years and said as a result of this trial he is planning on moving to the cloud, with QuickBooks Online his pick over Xero.

“€œXero was a bit confusing for a first time user. With QuickBooks Online it was quick and easy to get started. I had no problems. I was completely confident with completing key tasks. I had a ‘wow’ moment when invoicing with QuickBooks Online -€“ it was so much easier than I thought, so simple and quick.

“I found QuickBooks was better than Xero. It was easier to use and more intuitive. I much preferred the interface on QuickBooks too. It was simpler and I liked the colour scheme with the great money bar feature.”

Emily Johnson, an accountant and owner of Count Em, said she was amazed at how far QuickBooks has come since she tried the desktop version back in 2009.

“QuickBooks Online is faster, easier to use and more client-compatible than Xero. With QuickBooks, I felt like I would be able to save time which I could then spend on other parts of my business.

“€œAs an accountant with more than seven years’ experience, I found Xero frustrating and disappointing. If I can’t use it from the get-go, how could I recommend it to my clients?”

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