12.10.13 Dog owners think of canine companions this World Arthritis Day

12.10.13 Dog owners think of canine companions this World Arthritis Day

12.10.13 Dog owners think of canine companions this World Arthritis Day

Dog owners are being urged to pay attention to their beloved loyal companions suffering joint pain and stiffness in silence this World Arthritis Day.

There are more than three million registered dogs in Australia and around one in five – young or old – will experience the crippling and painful condition of canine arthritis, but owners are often unaware of the symptoms of joint pain and think their dog is just getting old.

Media veterinarian, Dr Katrina Warren, said World Arthritis Day on 12 October is a good time for pet-owners to observe the signs and take steps to alleviate discomfort and potentially help extend the life of their furry loved ones.

“Joint pain is no less excruciating in dogs than in humans, so it’s important to be aware of the symptoms and take action,” Dr Warren said.

“If your dog is no longer jumping with enthusiasm when you come home, is avoiding flights of stairs or stiff and slow to get up, then chances are he or she is showing signs of joint pain and stiffness,” she said.

Dr Warren said while it’s more common in senior canines, it can happen to any dog no matter what age, size or breed, so early detection is important and can help significantly slow down its progression.

“There’s nothing more heartbreaking than seeing your pets suffer. But the good news is there are many things we can do to make them feel more comfortable and improve their quality of life including moderating their exercise, avoiding stairs, weight management, medication and natural supplements,” she said.

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“It’s an exciting new supplement which may help improve the joint health and general wellbeing of active and ageing dogs. It’s made from 100 per cent pure rosehip fruit that is a rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants,” Dr Warren said.

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A randomised, placebo-controlled trial published in the Osteoarthritis and Cartilage 18, supplement 2 in 2010 showed Rose-Hip Vital® Canine works as a strong antioxidant in dogs and helps improve their overall health and wellbeing.

Around 12 weeks of treatment resulted in significant improvements, with the study testing for motivation, mood, working capacity, co-operation, speed and fur quality.

Three months of treatment showed an improvement of joint health with a major decline in total white blood cells. These cells accumulate around inflamed joints and in large numbers, can release toxic free radicals which further damage them.
“Let’s not forget our beloved canine companions on World Arthritis Day. Make sure you check for symptoms and do whatever it takes to help restore them back to full function and mobility,” Dr Warren said.

“If you think your dog is showing signs of joint pain, it is important to have your vet do an examination to properly diagnose the condition and give advice on the most appropriate treatment,” she said.