26.9.13 Love it or hate it, Marmite is back & here to stay!

26.9.13 Love it or hate it, Marmite is back & here to stay!

Aussies and New Zealand expats with a taste for the original yeast extract are triumphantly emerging from the dark time of Marmageddon to celebrate and champion the return of their favourite spread, as the iconic Marmite reclaims its place on supermarket shelves this October, with fans in a frenzy to get their first fix.

Following the 2011 Christchurch earthquakes, the Sanitarium factory responsible for delivering the South Pacific’s supply of the flavour-packed spread suspended production to allow for major repair works.

Marmite made its much-anticipated return in New Zealand in March and the first Australian shipment of Marmite will be available to consumers from 1 October.

Helen Dunham, a 28 year old self-confessed Marmite fanatic, said that despite the Marmite drought, her commitment to the ‘black gold’ has never wavered.

“My love affair with Marmite began when I was a child and I know it will last a lifetime – there is just nothing else that can replace it. I’m so crazy about Marmite that I spent $57 on one single jar during the shortage! It’s been a tough wait so I simply can’t wait to celebrate its return with a massive serve of Marmite on toast,” she said.

Todd Saunders, General Manager – Sanitarium Australia, said that the number of calls and enquiries from concerned and often distressed Marmite fans reminded Sanitarium that the yeast extract is an iconic product that is definitely here to stay.

“We know the nation is divided along breakfast spread lines and while it’s the underdog, Marmite inspires a level of passion that is truly performer5 coupon code amazing. So whether you’re an established Marmite lover or have never given it a go, we’re encouraging everyone to dig in, and in the true Aussie spirit, give others the chance to find and enjoy Marmite by spreading the word that it’s back.”

Marmite has long been valued in Australia as an excellent source of B complex vitamins, folate and vitamin B12. It is also completely vegetarian, contains virtually no fat and is the only yeast extract to claim iron in the Australian market.

Daniel Derrick, General Manager Marketing – Sanitarium Australia, said the Marmite brand has deep links with Australia and an amazing history which includes helping to fortify British soldiers and keeping prisoners of war alive.

“Sanitarium introduced Australia to Marmite in the early 1900s when it began importing and distributing the English version. During World War I, the nation faced its first shortage when the British army commandeered the entire supply, so when World War II broke out, Sanitarium secured the recipe and began producing Marmite locally.”

“While production is now based in New Zealand, Marmite is a staple in many households on both sides of the Tasman and we know Australia will embrace its return – a bit of healthy competition is something we Aussies are always up for,” said Mr Derrick.

To find out more about Marmite’s return and share your tips on where to find the delicious spread when it hits stores from the beginning of October, head to the Marmite NZ Facebook page here. To join the conversation on Twitter or Instagram, #MarmitetoOz.