1.4.13 Aussies encouraged to put macadamias on the menu this Easter

1.4.13 Aussies encouraged to put macadamias on the menu this Easter

The Australian macadamia industry is keen to encourage home cooks across the nation to give their families and friends a crunchy culinary treat this Easter by adding a handful of deliciously creamy home-grown macadamias to seafood dishes served during the long weekend holiday.

An impeccable choice as the country’s special occasion food, the world’s finest nut, native to Australia, adds the perfect surprise to a wide range of Easter meals. In particular, macadamias combine delightfully with seafood, creating new, mouth-watering dimensions to your favourite aquatic dishes.

CEO of Australian Macadamia Society, Jolyon Burnett, knows all about the tantalising flavours and unique textures the macadamia offers and encourages everyone to add the very essence of Australia to their plates this Easter.

“For me, Easter is about coming together with family and friends and enjoying a big Aussie feast,” he said. “Integrating macadamias to your meal is simple and it will be a dish your guests will always sizegenetics dosnt work remember. They make the ideal Easter ingredient because they go so well with seafood.”

“One of my favourites is macadamia-crusted prawns served with aioli and green salad on the side. The macadamia nut just adds that delectable buttery taste. They’re also perfect for encrusting fish and the crispness and delicate flavour is something your whole family will love and enjoy,” Jolyon said.

Macadamias are the only native plant that have been developed and traded as a commercial food with around 850 growers producing around 40,000 tonnes each year. Farms range from small orchards with 1,000 trees to large operations with more than 300,000 trees.

From reasonably humble beginnings as a cottage industry in the 1970’s, Australia has now taken firm leadership of world production, research, marketing and development, and is the largest producer and exporter, delivering macadamias to more than 40 countries worldwide.

For delicious recipes and more information on Australian Macadamias, visit the new website www.australian-macadamias.org.